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Solitaire Classic Overview

This one is for the traditional, classic solitaire games lovers among us. This Best of Solitaire Classic features all of your favorite elements of free classic solitaire online and is certain to keep you at the top of your solitaire game. You can play in a one-card or three-card draw format, depending on how much you want to be challenged! Either way, we're certain you're going to love this free online version of Solitaire Classic!

How to Play Solitaire Classic

This classic version of Solitaire is easy to learn, but takes skill to master! To get started, follow these simple instructions. The objective of Solitaire Classic is to stack your cards in sequential order from Ace to King for each suit on the foundation piles, and to do so in the fastest time and least amount of moves possible. Solitaire Classic allows you to move one card onto another so long as it follows sequential order and is an alternating color. Move multiple solitaire cards at once to better your move count, again ensuring that the move follows the order and color rules of classic solitaire games. You can make any move by simply clicking on your desired card, or cards, and dragging them across your screen to your desired location. To draw new cards, simply click on the deck in the upper-left corner of your screen. It works the same as if you were playing Solitaire Classic by hand.

Fun Facts about Solitaire Classic

  • Did you know that the first classic solitaire games are believed to have taken place in Scandinavia or Germany in the 18th century?
  • If you practice Solitaire Classic enough, you may even be able to turn professional! That's right, there are classic solitaire games tournaments that you could enter for a chance at winning up to $250,000 per year!
  • The word "solitaire" in classic solitaire is a modernization of the Latin word "solitarius," which means both "isolation" and "alone."
Enjoy this free online version of Solitaire Classic today!
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